La Bassine – Birthing supplies

Here at La Bassine Birth Pools, we have a wide variety of accessories and birthing supplies you can purchase from us which will no doubt help you make your water birth go even smoother.

Some of most popular birthing supplies include:

La Bassine Liner
The use of a liner is of course not mandatory, although it is recommended when using a brand new pool for the first time.

However, it is strongly recommended for subsequent uses.  No matter how diligently you clean the pool after use; there is still the risk of contamination. A new liner will eliminate that risk.

  • It also makes clean-up far easier, as the liner is disposable.
  • Our custom-made liners fit generously over the top of the pool and down the outside.
  • Additionally, as the liner itself is 0.22mm thick it strengthens your pool even more.
  • There are pockets for your hands, built into each liner, which fit through each of the two inside handles.

AC Electric Air Pump
Our fast-electric air birth pool pump will inflate in less than five minutes your pool without effort, providing the power you need.

Selecting the deflate mode, you can also deflate your pool in a few minutes to store it after use.

The air pump comes with 5 different valves that will fit any sort of birthing pool as well as air mattresses, inflatable boats, etc.

Absorbent Disposable Pads
6 x large absorbent clinical pads to protect your furniture and floor from any mess which may be caused from a full birthing pool. They quickly absorb any leakages and the waterproof backing ensures total protection, plus they offer maximum protection for beds and sofas, while ensuring maximum comfort.

Digital Thermometer
Comes with an LED light which illuminates when water in your birthing pool is at the ideal temperature you need it to be for the big event. You can simply leave this in the pool and it’ll let you know, which saves you the trouble of having to constantly check the water over and over again while you have more important things to attend to.

All of these accessories and more are strongly recommended for the big day as they can really save you a lot of added aggravation, both before and after the water birth. See our accessories section even more products to make your life easier.