Our journey

La Bassine was founded in 2003 by an active advocate of water births. Having experienced water birthing herself, she understood the needs and concerns of birthing mothers, and wanted to do her part to refine and evolve the experience for other women. This led to the development and production of the La Bassine range of birthing pools and accessories.

Through consultation with obstetricians, midwives and mothers, we have thoughtfully designed a range of pools with this holistic water-birthing experience in mind, providing a nurturing space where women could experience labor safely and confidently.

No birthing pool is manufactured to a higher standard, or ensures a safer or more nurturing environment for your baby to be born into. It’s no coincidence that La Bassine birthing pools are the premier global brand.

Combining style, comfort and practicality, La Bassine has become the respected industry leader, recommended by maternity professionals all over the world.

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Bringing a child into the world is a momentous event. Our birth pools have been meticulously researched, designed, manufactured and tested to meet this challenge. They represent the safest, most supporting waterbirth pools on the market, used by midwives and hospitals worldwide.

We designed & produced the world’s first inflatable birth pool

Over 200,000 sold

Ultimate confidence & ultimate support

The wellbeing of every mother and baby will always be our priority, and the focus of everything we do. We consult medical authorities, and take advice from obstetricians, midwives and mothers; we’re constantly innovating, and implementing suggestions to further improve our products. Recently, we’ve introduced transparent-sided pools to allow for greater medical monitoring. We ensure all the materials we use for our pools meet or exceed exacting health, safety and environmental standards, and each and every birthpool is rigorously product-tested by us before being dispatched to you.

All La Bassine pools have been ergonomically designed to facilitate the holistic birthing experience, whether you’re planning a hospital or home water birth. The benefits of water births are well known. Water is intensely calming, supports your body, and allows for ease of movement. The carefully planned features of our pools make it easier for you to adopt the most comfortable and natural positions during labor and birth, reducing the need for pharmacological pain relief. The pools themselves are reassuringly robust, and provide a private, relaxing space where you and your baby can enjoy the benefits of a water birth safely, and with confidence.

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