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All La Bassine birthing pools are rigorously researched and developed, manufactured and tested to ensure the highest standards of safety, reliability and comfort.


Product development at La Bassine places a premium on research, and we engage in extensive consultation with medical professionals, midwifery bodies, and with mothers who have experienced water births, to ensure our pools offer optimum safety. Recent innovations to our pools in this regard include easy-grip handles for more secure movement, and transparent sides which allow midwives and doctors greater opportunity to clearly monitor a delivery.


We are scrupulous about the materials that go into the manufacture of our water birth pools. We use only eco-friendly materials, which are lead, cadmium and phthalates-free, and all the materials we use meet or exceed all health and safety and environmental standards. Our pools are heavy-duty, have sturdy walls (0.45mm for our regular pools, 0.65mm for our professional birthing pools), ensuring they are reliable and robust. No product leaves the factory without undergoing extensive forty-eight hour inflation-testing to ensure its strength and durability.


It is vital that you have the confidence in your birthing pool, to be able to fully relax, seeing it as a safe and nurturing space. This is why we have a strong product focus on  ergonomic design that enables a smooth birthing process. Our birthpools are exceptionally comfortable, and come with located grips and handles which both support you and facilitate easy movement. They also feature the deep inflated floor required for more comfortable and active birthing positions such as kneeling and squatting.

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