About Us

La Bassine was founded in 2003 by an active advocate of water births. Having experienced water birthing herself, she understood the needs and concerns of birthing mothers, and wanted to do her part to refine and evolve the experience for other women. This led to the development and production of the La Bassine range of birthing pools and accessories.

Through consultation with obstetricians, midwives and mothers, we have thoughtfully designed a range of pools with this holistic water-birthing experience in mind, providing a nurturing space where women could experience labour safely and confidently.

The La Bassine range reflects our passion and attention to detail. The birthing pools are valued for their considered features, such as their practical feathers, and their commitment to safety features and ergonomic design. No birthing pool is manufactured to a higher standard, or ensures a safer or more nurturing environment for your baby to be born into. It’s no coincidence that La Bassine birthing pools are the number one global brand.

Combining style, comfort and practicality, La Bassine has become the respected industry leader, recommended by maternity professionals all over the world.

Carine Pouypoudat co-founder of La Bassine Birth Pools